Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Pairing White Wine with Seafood

We've all heard about how you're supposed to pair
white meats with white wine
and red meats with red wine  

Well, I just read why white goes so well with fish. 
According to the March 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine,
white helps to make the fish taste less "fishy".

Here's exactly what is says:

"Diners have long paired fish with white wine, and now scientists know why:  They've discovered that iron present in red (but less so in white) brings out seafood's fishy aftertaste."
So now, next time someone says they would prefer something else,
you can come back with a scientific explanation for your wine choice.  ;)


  1. *chuckles* Good one! I live in an area that produces wine, so there are many "authorities" around here. I just drink whatever I want with whatever I want, as long as it tastes good to me :)

  2. I prefer white wine over red wine so I tend to choose white regardless of what I'm eating. The only food that I don't think goes well with any wine is Chinese food (I've never found a Saki that I really like).

  3. Good to know, I have always wondered about such things but know nothing about it :)

  4. This is cool, I did not know that. Thanks for the great tip!

    Yours in Health, Robin


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