Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rice Wine Vinegar Substitution

I love it when I learn substitutions for ingredients. 

Last night, as I was preparing the rice for my (awesome!) homemade sushi, I discovered that I did not have enough rice wine vinegar.  It's not something I use very often so it didn't occur to me to check that I had enough prior to cooking the rice. 

Anyway, it turns out that you can substitute an equal amount of sweet vermouth for the rice wine vinegar.   

The flavor was good and I would definitely
make the substitution again.



  1. I would value this tip more if I only knew how to make sushi! Good to know, though. Do you think vermouth could make a substitution for white wine, too?

  2. I haven't tried that yet but it seems like it should work, if you use the dry vermouth (in the green bottle).

  3. Yes, that is what I would use! Thanks!

  4. Great tip, Holly! I'm not a fan of sushi, but I do make Asian recipes that call for rice wine vinegar which I don't always have on hand. Of course, I always have vermouth around!

  5. Holly, I love sushi! I had no idea i could make it at home, that would be a little scary coming from my kitchen...I am such a great cook and all...smile!

    Thanks for sharing, I will have to get motivated and try it sometime!

    Yours in Health, Robin


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