Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sirloin Steaks with Red Wine and Cognac

These steaks call for garlic, red wine, cognac, fire
- sounds awesome already, right? 

Not only do these steaks taste amazing, the presentation is gorgeous.

You will need:

4 sirloin steaks, medium thickness
freshly ground pepper
1 TBSP lemon pepper
1 tsp. salt
5 TBSP real butter
3 cloves garlic
1/2c. red wine (I like Cabernet for this recipe)
3 TBSP cognac
1/4 c. chopped green onions
1 shallot, chopped
1/2c. heavy cream

1.  Grind fresh pepper over steaks; sprinkle with lemon pepper and salt.

2.  Melt butter over medium-high heat. 
Add steaks and cook to desired doneness.

3.  Add garlic and wine.

4.  Pour cognac over the steaks and light with your lighter.  The flames burn off fairly quickly. 
Remove steaks and set aside.

5.  To the pan, add green onions, shallot, and heavy cream. 
Cook and stir until hot. 

6. Spoon sauce over meat and serve immediately.


  1. This has my husband's name written all over it! He loves a good steak and we've never made them quite like this. It looks delicious!

  2. How fun is that!
    Cooking, fire and alcohol!?!
    I am loving this :)

  3. wow that looks amazing and delicious!!


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